Design is the manifestation of a strategic vision, which we help our partners bring to life through product aesthetics, feel and function.

Since 2016 we have been optimising our services to match the rapidly evolving needs of our clients within the eBike industry. We have built a team and processes primarily in the areas of Industrial Design as well as Color, trim and graphics.

To complement these services, we work on research, strategy, brand, ideation, frame design (2D &3D), visualisation (2D &3D), decal files and sample reports to create optimal product market fit.

Together with our partners, we are constantly evaluating, updating and optimising our processes to help bring products to life in the most efficient and profitable way. On a daily basis we create and manage a multitude of design deliverables to help ensure the smooth production of over 600 different models a year, together with client teams from a variety of departments such as R&D, engineering, brand, category and sales.

In order to ensure the products we design hit the mark, and meet no hiccups in production, we have spent the last years creating reliable processes capable of converting the required inputs into the desired output. 

There is never a dull day on the job and we feel blessed to be able to work in such a great industry, designing products which have a positive impact on peoples lives. Not to mention we love riding the bikes ourselves!

In the last years we have become huge advocates of using first principles thinking as a mental framework for operating, along with a strong focus on a positive growth mindset.